CTX Lifescience Pvt Ltd
The layout of facility is guided by a "Quality by Design" master plan. The location of various buildings, roads & Green zones are well defined.

The State-of-the-art facility stands on 38 acres of land and covers the following installations :
  • R & D
  • QC
  • QA & Regulatory Affairs
  • Manufacturing Blocks
  • Engineering
  • Warehouse
  • Materials & Finished Goods Stores
  • Utilities Building
  • Solvent, Acid, Alkali Storage
  • Generator building
Production Blocks

Covering an area of 1,59,304 sq. ft in multi level buildings, manfacturing blocks are designed. Manufacturing blocks has quality by design air-handling units as per cGMP.

Separate intermediate plant covers an area of 50,000 sq. ft.

The facility has 83 reactors ranging from 0.1 m³ to 8.0 m³, with total reactor volume of 220 m³ and eight independent clean room areas. The supply of utilities and utility headers are isolated from manufacturing area to avoid congestion and cross contamination inside the plant.


Well organized GEP procedures, experienced technical team, facilities for engineering materials warehouse, fabrication and maintenance workshop, well designed centralized utilities and power backup generators


Warehouse covers an area of 38,000 sq.ft. for handling of all incoming raw materials, packing materials and finished products with pre-defined storage conditions. Facilities for handling of gases, hazardous chemicals and solvents independently.
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