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Minimizing the environmental impact of manufacturing operations
Environment, Health and Safety remains one of the primary concerns of the company. The plant has been designed keeping in mind best practices in EHS. The company monitors the Health and hygiene in the plants.

Investing in Environment friendly infrastructure
The plant uses surface water in its functioning. The company has a liquid effluent treatment plant that is capable of handling 10,000 m3 of liquid effluents per day through bio degradation and tertiary treatment. We have scrubbing systems installed to treat gaseous discharge. The non-biodegradable residues are either incinerated in the four chemical waste incinerators or are sent for burial to 45 acres of government notified land owned by the parent company.

My people are my real assets" – Mr. Jayantibhai Jariwala - Chairman
With this strong belief employee’s safety is always on top priority at CTX.

Being involved in the manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients & Intermediates, CTX employees handle almost all major chemicals and unit processes involved in the pharma chemistry. Therefore, at CTX we have incorporated Risk Assessment based stringent health and safety process to provide better and safer workplace for our employees.

CTX, therefore has developed and implemented an active Occupational Health and Safety Management Programme.

In order to uphold our commitment to the Health and Safety of our employees, our contracting employees and neighbors, CTX has established a set of Health and Safety Standards. The Standards provide the foundation for the CTX Health and Safety management system in areas of Health & Safety Management, Process Safety, Employee Health and Safety and Emergency Response.

CTX Process Safety Management Standards have also been established to ensure that CTX facilities have been designed, operated and maintained in a responsible manner ensuring that we comply with regulatory requirements. These Standards include principles and requirements for process safety management and for effective emergency response programmes, and are aligned with industry practices and Responsible Care® Guiding Principles.

To maintain integrity and safety of the plant we have developed customized training programs for our employees. At CTX, each year a Health & Safety Improvement Plan is prepared to ensure our continuous development and improvement.

A team of qualified safety professionals are engaged in cultivating safe working culture by,

  • Arranging safety meetings,
  • Improving housekeeping,
  • Encouraging employee involvement by conducting National Safety Week Campaign,
    Fire Service day Campaign and Internal CTX Safety Awards.
  • Mandatory use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE),
  • Carrying out regular safety inspections and audits of the plants,
  • Proper detailed rootcause analysis of each near miss and incidents to take
    measures to prevent recurrence.
  • Pre employment and post employment periodic health checkups.
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